21 Mar 2010: Family Dinner Meet at Sushant Golf City, Sultanpur Road, Lucknow.

This meeting was a landmark meeting by itself. Never Before in the history of our chapter so many people reached in a meeting at a distant place. This time things worked due to excessive publicity using SMS/Email and Letter. A strength of 140 people (as told by caterer, :-) )were present at the venue. Holi songs were also organised courtesy Er. Sanjay Deshmankar of 83 batch. Shri K.K. Singh of 68 batch who is working as GM in ansals organised the venue for us. Many many thanks to him. Interesting games, Housie and a Dinner with HOLI mood was also served. Gunjia and Thandai were off course not missing. But those were so tasty that late comers didn't get a chance to have them.