Executive Body Elections!

Dear Alumni Friends,

As decided in the executive meeting held on 8th Oct 2017, and as per para 10 of constitution of the association, for the purpose of biennial elections of the association, Wing commander G K Johri, 1968 Electrical (9515011535, gkjohri@gmail.com) will be the Election Officer. People who want to file nominations can do it by sending an email or personal whatsapp message to him. Details shall contain desired post name, candidate name, batch, branch, signature with names, batch, branch and signatures of two proposers. All these persons have to be a member of the association. It has to be done for the following post(s).

President - 1 Post
Senior Vice President - Maximum 2
Vice President - Maximum 2
General Secretary - 1 Post
Joint Secretary - Maximum 2
Cultural Secretary - Maximum 2
Treasurer - 1 Post
Executive Members - maximum 7

As per tradition in our society, all these posts are being filled by consensus built amongst the members for which the efforts are already on. If you want to take lead in building this consensus, you can inform the same to the election officer. Consensus is a permitted way of electing our executive committee as per our constitution.

Also as per similar tradition we are also forming an advisory committee, which usually contain the active members of the past committee and others with consensus amongst the members.

The following dates are being announced to complete this procedure.

10th Nov. 2017 - Filing of Nominations
12th Nov. 2017 - Withdrawl of Nominations
13th Nov. 2017 - Scrutiny of Nominations
19th Nov. 2017 - Day of Election

The detailed venue and timing of 19th, the election day shall be announced soon.

With Best Wishes

President, Lucknow Chapter